Student Support Materials

A selection of Nuffield Foundation student self-review sheets and booklets explaining key elements of design and technology processes, and a glossary.


Student Self-review Sheets

Produced by the Nuffield Foundation these resources offer four options of self-review sheets for students to use as they complete capability and resource tasks. *Reviewing your work in a capability task: Two A4 sheets that can be copied, backed, to form an A5 leaflet for students to complete at key points as they...

The basics of designing: Student Booklets

Four simple student booklets from the Nuffield Foundation to teach the basics of designing. *Booklet one: Deciding what to design and make *Booklet two: Developing and communicating design ideas *Booklet three: Planning and making *Booklet four: Evaluating

Student Glossary

A glossary from the Nuffield Foundation in the form of an A5 booklet with some words already entered. There is space for students to add their own definitions.

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