Kids get coding

'Kids get coding' is a fantastic, hands-on resource for anyone looking to get started with coding. The four books cover key areas of the Key Stage 1 computing curriculum with simple text.

Each title contains practical on- and off-line activities that are easy to follow and entertaining for children to try on their own or with friends. Guiding young coders through each title is Data Duck - a computer-programming mastermind here to help with hints and tips!


Kids get coding: algorithms and bugs

This book will help budding young programmers explore two fundamental elements of...

Kids get coding: a beginner's guide to our digital world


This book will help budding young developers explore the fundamental...

Kids get coding: staying safe online


There are amazing things to discover on the Internet, but to become great coders it's important to know what happens to the information we post and leave behind. Learn how computers are connected...

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