Sounds Good

'Our modern society has more ways of making sounds than ever before. How can we control sound to get good quality when we want it and cut out the sounds we don't want to hear?'

These practicals and videos use a workplace context to develop students' understanding of the properties of sound, and how science can be applied to improve sound quality.

The practicals explore the properties of sound. The video shows a research scientist from the University of Salford working with a sound engineer from Milton Keynes Theatre to improve the theatre's sound quality.



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Sounds Good: Activity Sheets

Five activity sheets produced by Institute of Physics (IOP) to accompany the MODEL Project's Sounds Good video.

Worksheet one takes an overview of the topic. Worksheets two - five are targeted at specific sections of the video.

Answers to all the worksheet questions are provided in the Word document...

Sounds Good: Practicals

Four groups of practicals, produced by Institute of Physics (IOP), which help students to understand the properties of sound.

In addition to the guidance included for specific activities, please refer to the generic health and safety information before commencing any practical activity.

This resource...

Sounds Good: Videos

This video, produced by Institute of Physics (IOP), shows how the work of a university research scientist helps sound engineers control the quality of sound in a theatre.

The video is presented as a whole and, for ease of use, in four sections:

Acoustic engineering: the design of theatres is...