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This collection contains a vast array of STEM-related activity resources that are suitable for use in a STEM Club setting. The resources included in this collection contain long, short and one-off activities.

  • One-off activities are completed in one session. They are highly engaging and can have a real wow factor.
  • Short projects are any activity that takes club members two to three sessions to complete. Many of the shorter projects will include demonstrations or experiments that can be used as one-off activities.
  • Long projects are activities that take half a term or more to complete and might be considered a long project. Completing a long project can be very rewarding, especially if there is an award or a prize involved.


Yorkshire Pupil Survey

This Cre8ate maths set of survey activities cover estimation and measurement, and engagement is encouraged by introducing a competitive element,. E.g.: Are girls better at estimating than boys? Can boys jump higher than girls? There is scope to perform a variety of investigations on ratios, averages, ranges,...

Youth Hostel

In this Bowland assessment task, students are required to allocate dormitories at a Youth Hostel for a given number of boys, girls and adults given certain constraints. Suitable methods of displaying the information are to be designed, a systematic method employed in order to check that all the conditions have been...

You Reckon?

In this activity students are introduced the idea of Plausible Estimation (PE). PE underpins major decisions made in private and public lives. PE tasks allow students to appreciate how powerful simple mathematics can be when making decisions about important topics by solving problems faced by aid agencies,...


Using this resource, from Defence Dynamics, students work as the Operations Team for a Royal Air Force (RAF) squadron on Quick Reaction Alert (QRA).

Presented with a series of imaginary scenarios, students have to review and plan routes for a number of aircraft facing different crises.

The lesson aims...


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