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Welding technician -Sophy

Sophy was passionate about Maths and Science at school. So much so her school encouraged her to complete a BTEC outside of school. On leaving school she became an apprentice  at Hydram and studied Mechanical Engineering. She is now full time, working as a Welding technician, working on the vehicles...

Senior quality assurance manager -Yao


Yao studied Ancience Chinese music at University. She applied for the role in Quality assurance as the role looked interesting and varied. Having had great opportunities to advance in her career, she is now involved in quality control, customer satisfaction and managing the...

CEO and co-founder of WeGym - Josh

Josh found school challenging but undertook a BTEC Level 2 computing course, studied for a Microsoft apprenticeship and was runner up apprentice of the year. Following an apprenticeship at eCourier he became manager of the technical department and appointed as Microsoft Apprenticeship Ambassador .Now...

Research technician - Dhanisha

During her first chemistry experiments in secondary school, ...