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Design and technical services manager - Barney

Barney was passionate about Lego and making things as a child. From helping his father build steam engines, he realised he wanted to work in manufacturing. Now in a technical role as Design and Technical Services manager at Rolls Royce, he works with post graduates on research projects.  He...

Horticultural technician - Sally


Sally always wanted to work outdoors in horticulture and began her career after leaving school. She now works in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, growing specimens for the University’s experiments and cultivating and curating some strange varieties of plant collections...

Sound engineer -Giuseppe

From an early age, Giuseppe had an interest in sound and audio productino. After college he worked as a sound engineer at a recording studio, moving onto outdoor shows and cruise ship audio management. After working in the theatre, he has spent the last 8 eyars at the Royal Opera House, ensuring the...

Telecoms engineer - Peter


Peter considered University after school but put his technical skills developed as a child  building airfix model kits to good  use within the telecoms sector. After completing a role in constructing bikes, his current role as telecoms engineer allows him to demonstrate his technical skills,...