A collection of resources about ethical issues surrounding genetics.



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Bioethics briefing no 1: ethics and bioethics in education

This briefing discusses how bioethics issues affect us all and how we hear about issues which fall into this category on a daily basis. News items about...

Bioethics briefing no 2: crop plant genetic modification

This issue covers the background in selective plant breeding over the centuries and then describes the more recent advances and the introduction of...

Bioethics briefing no 3: preimplantation genetic diagnosis

This edition covers issues concerning assisted conception and "designer babies", which is a term which is often heard in the popular media. Today an ever-...

Bioethics briefing no 4: xenotransplantation

As human-to-human transplantation has become more and more successful, it has almost become a victim of its own success. There is a shortage of donor organs...