Debates in mathematics education

'Debates in mathematics education' explores the major issues that mathematics teachers encounter in their daily lives. It engages with established and contemporary debates, promotes and supports critical reflection and aims to stimulate both novice and experienced teachers to reach informed judgements and argue their point of view with deeper theoretical knowledge and understanding.

Written by experts in the field of mathematics education, it investigates and offers fresh insight into topics of central importance, including:

  • Gender, social inequality and mathematics
  • Mathematics, politics and climate change
  • The history and culture of mathematics
  • Using popular culture in the mathematics classroom
  • The concept of `ability' and its impact on learning
  • What we mean by `teaching for understanding'
  • Choosing and using examples in teaching
  • The fitness of formal examinations.

Designed to stimulate discussion and support you in your own research, writing and practice, 'Debates in mathematics Eeducation' will be a valuable resource for any student or practising teacher engaged in initial teacher training, continuing professional development or Masters level study. It also has much to offer to those leading initial teacher education programmes, and to beginning doctoral students looking for a survey of the field of mathematics education research.

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Author(s)Dawn Leslie, Heather Mendick
Age11-14, 14-16
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Shelf referenceMA2 LES
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