Advanced questions on everyday physics: with answers

Written to stimulate interest and discussion about physics while providing coverage of the A-level and SCE Higher physics courses core topics, this book should also be useful for courses of a more vocational nature with a physics component.

The questions test knowledge and understanding, and develop skills of analysis and comprehension. All the questions are context-based, and include a range of stimulus items from magazine advertisements to instructions for an automatic washing machine.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • Mechanics - wave motion
  • Electricity
  • Fields and electromagnetism
  • Matter 

Within these sections, the topics covered include: 4-wheel drive, pole vaulting, antique clocks, earthquakes, spectra and the stars, ultrasound in medicine, Hubble telescope, loudspeaker design, thunder and lightning, ionisers and dust precipitators, induction hobs, ballooning, treating scalds and burns, biological effects of radiation, and more.

The answers section includes hints to help with discussion questions.

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