Coaching skills for leaders in the workplace: how to develop, motivate and get the best from your staff

This book provides instruction on the requirements for the Institute of Leadership and Management coaching and mentoring qualifications levels 5-7. As a leader, senior manager or executive, the reader will often be required to act as a coach or mentor for their staff.

This book will enable the reader to set up coaching programmes that can make a significant difference to staff retention and motivation. It will give the reader the knowledge and skills they need to encourage their staff to grow so that they can get on with their own essential leadership role.

In this book the reader will discover how to: 

  • Become an effective leader and coach
  • Distinguish between coaching and mentoring 
  • Establish the right coaching climate
  • Develop effective communication skills 
  • Set up the first coaching session
  • Present a business case for coaching.

The reader will also find out the various coaching models available and equip themselves with useful tools and exercises that they can employ in their coaching sessions.


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