Hurdles and strategies in the teaching of algebra

As all teachers of mathematics will know, the teaching algebra is not straightforward and mistakes occur all too often. This book looks at, and tries to provide constructive suggestions to resolve, a wide range of errors like these. The bulk of the material in the book appeared in a series of articles published in Mathematics in School. The idea for the book came from lists of questions about the teaching of algebra in general, or algebraic manipulation in particular, which were submitted by experienced mathematics teachers across the country for which they felt answers/suggestions would be of value.

The topics, which included items that the teachers found challenging as well as questions they had been asked by colleagues or had been discussed at a departmental meeting, where collated and sent round with the invitation to submit strategies, suggestions or comments that people had found to be practically useful. It is hoped that the contents of this book will provide a stimulus for debate as well as constructive suggestions for dealing with tricky issues.

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Author(s)Tony Barnard
Age11-14, 14-16
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