Questions and prompts for mathematical thinking

Good questioning, by teachers and learners, is the key to learning mathematics. This book contains over 70 starting points from Points of Departure 1 to 4 selected for pupils at Key Stage 2, and those working at similar levels. The chosen items have occasionally been extended, sometimes slightly altered, and frequently shortened, with extension ideas put in the notes at the end of the booklet. Anne Watson and John Mason have put together a collection of cogent and challenging questions,which are designed to tease out structures and concepts at the heart of mathematics.

But this book is much more than a collection of questions; they present a framework for generating a wide range of mathematical questions and prompts,which can be used: By Teachers: To develop their own approaches to topics, to plan their teaching interactions, to broaden their repertoire of styles and to find out more about their students undertakings. By Learners: To explore mathematics, to make sense of textbooks and to question each other...and their teachers.

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