European Space Agency: watching over the Earth - teacher's pack

The 'Watching over the Earth' teacher's pack focuses on Earth observation and remote sensing. The worksheets in this pack are intended to familiarise pupils between the ages of 11 and 14 with the subject of satellite imagery. Satellite images are of increasing importance in a great many domains and are dramatically changing the way we view the world and perceive physical phenomena. Both literally and figuratively, they add a new dimension to our knowledge, whether it be in the study of natural phenomena or in assisting humans in their various activities. Their use – and understanding – by pupils is one of the aims of this project.

The topics and examples in this pack were chosen to match the content of school curricula, especially in geography, life and Earth sciences and physics. Since this teacher’s pack has been designed for use in European schools, it deals with topics common to the curricula of the various European countries, although some variations exist concerning the level or age of pupils to which these topics are taught. The teacher's pack is available in 6 languages, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The 11 topics covered are: Earth observation satellites; The Earth viewed from space; Humans on Earth; Africa and environmental diversity; Asia and rice growing; Europe: a developed continent; Living species and their environment; Water on Earth; Volcanoes: Mount Etna, a case study; Flood monitoring; Colours in satellite imagery. Each topic contains a worksheet, an information note for teachers and a pupils' questionnaire.

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