Functioning mathematically: a collection of activities for KS3 and KS4

Functioning Mathematically is a collection of mathematical activities which will help learners to develop the skills and confidence to apply, combine and adapt their mathematical knowledge to new situations in their life and work. The book : will challenge learners to think for themselves ;will encourage learners to be actively involved in their mathematics; includes 37 different activities and commentaries; helps teachers plan how they can be involved in the activities ; includes teacher and student pages.

All the activities involve significant mathematical ideas and will help learners both to select the relevant mathematical skills and techniques and also to see the need for developing new skills. There is a commentary on each activity to help teachers plan how they can be involved in working on the activities with their pupils and how the activities can be integrated with their schemes of work. Includes a simple and useful set of learning objectives for all mathematics lessons. The book is full of ideas that will get students thinking, puzzling and functioning as mathematicians. 

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Author(s)Barbara Ball, Derek Ball, Mike Ollerton
Age11-14, 14-16
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Shelf referenceMA4 BAL
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