Advanced maths: AS core for OCR

Longman Advanced Mathematics is a series of comprehensive texts, with books for each of the OCR main courses that started in September 2004.

The series develops core mathematical skills through an abundance of clear worked examples and progressive exercises, backed up by focused exam question practice and sample module papers.

The CD-ROM included with every book, contains full worked solutions to exam-style papers using live authoring, plus additional questions and support for lower and higher attaining students.

Covers all the A2 core modules C1 and C2 in one affordable, coherent book. Thousands of questions and clear worked examples support a variety of teaching styles and ability ranges. Aids revision with practice papers, model answers and 'live-authored' solutions on the student. CD-ROM Additional support for teachers available on the teacher CD-ROM.

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Author(s)Rosemary Emanuel, John Wood
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