Algebra for a purpose: using spreadsheets in KS2 and 3

The book consists of 6 tasks which may involve solving an intriguing problem, finding a strategy for winning a game or writing an explanation for someone else of how or why something works. By working on tasks which have a clear purpose pupils have the opportunity to understand why algebra is useful. The six tasks are designed to introduce key ideas in the early stages of learning about algebra through working with spreadsheets. They have been designed to relate to specific aspects of the existing curriculum, and require only a small amount of expertise in using spreadsheets.

Each of the 6 tasks has a pupil activity sheet, teacher's notes and a case study describing work in the classroom. The accompanying CD has prepared spreadsheets, whiteboard resources and copies of the pupil activity sheets. Suitable for KS2/3

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Author(s)Janet Ainley, Liz Bills, Kirsty Wilson
Age7-11, 11-14
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Shelf referenceA 510 ATM
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