Applied science OCR: AS - A2

Produced in partnership with OCR, this student book is designed specifically for the needs of students following the 2008 OCR AS and A2 applied science specification and supports both the single and full double award.

Written by experienced examiners, it is full of features that help students reach their full potential. It supports the compulsory, externally assessed content as well as the portfolio content.

Sections of the book are designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to build their portfolio. Includes key definitions of important terms students will recognise from the specification. Provides activities that can be carried out in class or as independent study.

Includes exam-style questions, with answers provided, for each externally assessed unit to make sure students can test their knowledge. How science works is integrated throughout the book to help students understand the underlying principles of science.

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Author(s)David Ballard, David Bayliss, John Bull, Gill Miller, Ann Simpson
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