50 mathematical ideas you really need to know

This book answers questions such as who invented zero? Why 60 seconds in a minute? How big is infinity? Where do parallel lines meet? And can a butterfly's wings really cause a storm on the far side of the world?

In '50 mathematical Ideas you really need to know' , Professor Tony Crilly explains in 50 clear and concise essays the mathematical concepts, ancient and modern, theoretical and practical, everyday and esoteric, that allow us to understand and shape the world around us.

Filled with diagrams, examples and anecdotes, this book is the perfect overview of this often daunting but always essential subject. Mathematics couldn't be simpler.

Contents include:

  • Origins of mathematics, from Egyptian fractions to Roman numerals
  • Pi and primes, Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio
  • What calculus, statistics and algebra can actually do 
  • The very real uses of imaginary numbers 
  • The big ideas of relativity, chaos theory, fractals, genetics and hyperspace
  • The reasoning behind Sudoku and code cracking, lotteries and gambling, money management and compound interest
  • Solving of Fermat's last theorem
  • The million-dollar question of the Riemann hypothesis.

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Author(s)Tony Crilly
Age11-14, 14-16
Published by

Shelf referenceA 511 CRI
Direct URLhttps://www.stem.org.uk/x89bk

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