Chemical storylines: AS

Produced in partnership with OCR for the 2008 OCR A Level chemistry B (Salters) specification, the 'Chemical storylines student book' for AS conveys the excitement of contemporary chemistry using a unique context-led approach that inspires and engages students.

Written by experienced examiners, teachers and members of the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG). Revised storylines tailored to the new specification introduce chemical ideas in the context of relevant contemporary stories.

Assignments provided throughout develop understanding and skills. Information boxes provide further background to support understanding of the module or extra details such as case studies of chemistry in context. Lively, up-to-date resources tailored to the 2008 specification. Fully cross-referenced to the accompanying 'Chemical ideas student book' and activities.

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Author(s)Derek Denby, Chris Otter, Kay Stephenson
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