Contemporary issues in the early years

With a focus on improving outcomes for all children, and of closing the gap between those who do well and those who do not, the importance of the early years of children's lives and of supporting families through integrated service provision are now centre stage.

Earlier editions of this book have argued for coherent policies for young children and for an expansion of high quality early childhood services. This edition reflects the many developments across the early childhood field in the past few years, with a particular emphasis on working together across agency boundaries to respond effectively to the needs of children and families. Much has been achieved, although there is still progress to be made.

The book covers:

  • Policy and service development at national and local levels, including the broader children's services agenda, as well as specific developments for young children, such as Sure Start and children's centres
  • The international context for early childhood services
  • The development of frameworks for curriculum, for assessment and for inspection
  • The voice of the child, diversity and inclusion
  • Working in multi-agency teams, and with parents
  • The impact of research
  • Training and workforce issues. 

This fourth edition is extensively revised and most of the chapters are completely new. The authors are all distinguished figures in the early childhood field. 

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Subject(s)Cross curricular
Author(s)Gillian Pugh, Bernadette Duffy
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