Space quest - 111 peculiar questions about the universe and beyond

This entertaining and fact-packed guide gives you all the answers you need to the Whys, Hows and Whats of Space.What would happen if you fell into a Black Hole? What's outside the universe? How big a collision would it take to make the Earth explode? Are we trying to contact life on other planets? Where did the Moon come from? From gravity and space travel to aliens, black holes and the origins of life, Herbie Brennan tours the Universe with an unquenchable thirst for answers.

Find out exactly what would happen to you if you fell into a black hole, where stars go in the daytime, what the weather is like on Venus, and whether we will ever be able to beam up to spaceships Star Trek-style. Herbie Brennan's lively and accessible text will appeal to all age groups from 8 years upwards. There are black-and-white illustrations throughout.

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Author(s)Herbie Brennan
Age7-11, 11-14
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