Study guide for OCR psychology: A2 level

A2 Level provides all the information you need, including details of the sample, method and procedure used, for studies in each of the six A2 option units: Crime, Health, Sport, Environment, Education and Organizations. It shows you how to evaluate the research, and also provides tips on top exam technique.

Every unit has short summaries of the key research articles, each of which is discussed in relation to a number of key themes and issues. With a chapter on the coursework unit, this study guide is invaluable for the whole A2 specification, not just the exam. Study Guide for OCR Psychology: A2 Level is endorsed by OCR and is ideal for use with the Psychology in Practice series.

It is also of use with the Edexcel and AQA specifications, and valuable to students of sport, health and social care, and business studies, and anyone interested in applied psychology.

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Author(s)Fiona Lintern, Merv Stapleton, Lynne Williams
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