Relevance of science education in Ireland

This report discusses the results of the Relevance of Science Education (ROSE) survey completed by 688 students from 29 second-level schools in Ireland in November 2003. All the students were in Transition Year or in the first year of their Leaving Certificate programme and had completed a course of study in Junior Certificate Science in the previous June.

The ROSE survey has been completed by students in 37 countries. It was designed to gather information about students' opinions of school science and science-related issues in general. The findings come under the following headings: 'What I want to learn about'; 'My opinions about science and technology'; 'My out-of-school experiences' and 'Myself as a scientist'.

The Irish students' views are discussed in relation to current issues in Irish science education and placed in a wider context by comparing the results with those from other countries taking part in the ROSE project.

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