Feisty females: inspiring girls to think mathematically

Although girls enter school more "maths ready" than boys, statistics show that by the time they graduate from high school most girls will have been outdistanced by boys both in critical test scores and in level of interest. What has happened in the intervening years and what can we do to stop it?

In "Feisty Females", four maths educators offer some insight and propose a solution.;"Feisty Females" is based upon a two-year action research project undertaken by the authors in an attempt to change the status quo. They developed an innovative approach to literature-based mathematics instruction that focuses on books with strong female role models. The authors discovered that these "feisty females" not only help change the way boys and girls think about females, they also encourage all students to face problem-solving situations with confidence.

"Feisty Females" offers ideas for using this kind of literature to lead elementary students in explorations of four key mathematical areas: number and computation; geometry and measurement; probability and statistics; and algebraic ideas. Organised around learning strategies proved successful with girls, it provides guidance in selecting books with hardy female characters, in-depth descriptions of lessons in real classrooms, a list of children's literature resources, and an extensive annotated bibliography.

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Author(s)Karen Karp, E Todd Brown, Linda Allen, Candy Allen
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