Effective classroom teacher: developing the skills you need in today's classroom

All teachers are now having to cope with rapid changes and the wide-reaching implications of educational reforms. The rise of ICT, the increased public accountability of schools, the increasing use of learning support staff, proposed changes to school calendars and to the school day, and evolving school-community relationships are all having a massive impact on the ways in which teachers and education managers work.

This is the book that will help to put the reader at the front end of these changes. It will assist classroom teachers to adapt their working patterns to the new learning order. It will assist those who are studying these processes, e.g. to gain higher degrees and other qualifications with a pedagogical bias. It will be valuable to those who run, or aspire to run, cutting edge schools staffed by cutting edge staff.

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Subject(s)Cross curricular
Author(s)Trevor Kerry, Mandy Wilding
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Shelf referenceA 371.102 KER
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