Using ICT to enhance teaching and learning in chemistry

Information and Communications Technology has revolutionised the ways we process, access and use information and, as computers and other devices become ever more powerful, and information becomes more readily available, the next generation will need to be able to interact with digital media effectively to exploit these amazing new technologies to their full potential for the benefit of society. It is therefore imperative that teachers become familiar with ICT and its true potential and can present information with a perspective similar to that which the present generation of young people is using to develop their interests in their everyday life.

This resource from the RSC gives teachers of chemistry the practical help needed to integrate ICT into their teaching and stimulate the enthusiasm of a new generation of scientists in the exciting new areas of chemistry that are opening up such as Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

Furthermore, it will be highly effective in developing the new ethos of sustainability that will be a major driving force behind the next advances in chemistry that are vital if we are to survive the manifold problems confronting society in the next few decades.;This resource is ideal for all secondary teachers of chemistry, trainee teachers and university lecturers.

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