Rocks and fossils: a visual guide

Rocks & Fossils: A Visual Guide reveals how the study of rocks and minerals enables us to uncover many of the extraordinary events that have taken place in Earth's 4,600 million-year history, a story that continues to unfold as continents collide and pull apart, and new fossil finds are made. In more than 300 pages, this guide to rocks and fossils provides up-to-the-minute information in a dynamic and visual style that will enthrall and entice readers. This book takes you on an incredible journey to the most remarkable geological and paleontological sites in the world.

You'll discover how by looking at fossils we can work out what organisms were alive at various points in history. You'll find out which fossil families have survived to the present day and in what form, and you'll learn about the critical role that Earth's resources play in our daily lives. There's also information on how to start your own rock and fossil collections, with advice on how to identify species, and how best to display and care for them.

The spreads are a vibrant combination of new illustrations supplemented with informative labels; rarely seen photographs with detailed captions; intriguing infographics; and authoritative and accessible text.

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Author(s)Robert R Coenraads
Age11-14, 14-16
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Shelf referenceA 552 COE
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