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Young children learn best through play, and - when their interest is engaged by high quality, stimulating activities - they are active and eager learners. As practitioners, though, we also need to be sure that the activities we offer them are soundly based educationally, and will prepare them for the work they will encounter when they start primary school.

This handbook has been designed to help all early years practitioners provide fun and stimulating experiences for their children, confident that they reflect the Foundation Stage Curriculum and will help children progress smoothly from the Foundation Stage to Reception and Year 1.  An introduction explores the pedagogical background to early years learning, and twelve activities (themes) cover the early learning goals identified in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. The themes are drawn from areas of experience that are relevant and interesting to young children - stories and nursery rhymes; families; experiences of the world - and each theme is firmly rooted in the holistic approach of early years teaching.

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