Concise encyclopedia of earth science

There is no better or more authoritative vehicle for staying up to speed with today's earth science than the 'Concise encyclopedia of earth science'. Derived from the 'Encyclopedia of science and technology', this vital reference provides brief yet substantive articles from scientists and engineers at the forefront of their fields, summarizing the state of the art in earth science today.

Learned enough for professional users, yet written in clear, simple language that will appeal to students and general readers wanting to explore the exciting developments in contemporary earth science, the 'Concise encyclopedia of earth science' features over 800 articles encompassing the scope of earth science today, puts the world of earth science at the readers fingertips, in a conveniently portable, alphabetically organized volume.

It includes clear, concise, expert-authored coverage of topics such as geochemistry, geodesy, geology, geophysics, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, and physical geography Provides illustrations, bibliographies, appendices, and other valuable supplements to the articles. The book carefully reviewed for accuracy, clarity, and completeness, the 'Concise encyclopedia of earth science' offers an unparalleled standard of excellence.

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