Primary plants: a handbook for teaching plant science in the primary school

Why is teaching children about plants important? Children's knowledge of the plant world has been shown to be limited and many are unaware that the foods we eat, clothes we wear, products we wash with and the medicines we take are all plant-derived. Equally, some teachers may feel they lack the background knowledge to teach plant science effectively.

Primary Plants addresses this problem by providing a detailed guide and reference source for primary school teachers. With time restrictions on science teaching, there are suggestions for linking this subject to literacy and numeracy, plus other curriculum areas such as PHSE and RE. Fully illustrated, the book includes a visual resource, a CD-ROM providing many fascinating beautifully photographed images of plants and flowers. A versatile resource, both for whole-class teaching and pupils' own topic work.

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Author(s)Martin Braund
Age5-7, 7-11
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Shelf referenceA 372.357 BRA
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