Science 5-11: a guide for teachers

Bringing together two important strands of qualified teacher status (QTS), this uniquely organized book presents the development of effective subject knowledge within the context of teaching.

By linking key conceptual areas of science with appropriate pedagogic knowledge, issues and strategies, the book helps teachers to: identify approaches to teaching that are best used in different areas of science understand a key teaching issue by considering it in relation to a specific context promote cross-curricular themes within their teaching - such as creativity, ICT and thinking skills address concerns at the forefront of science education - such as citizenship and education for sustainable development (ESD).

Based on a twenty-first century view of science and recent research into teaching and learning, this practical and innovative text will be invaluable to trainee and qualified teachers who are keen to develop both their subject knowledge and their ability to teach primary science confidently and effectively.

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Author(s)Alan Howe, Dan Davies, Kendra McMahon, Lee Towler
Age5-7, 7-11
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Shelf referenceA 372.35044 HOW
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