Learning to teach science in the secondary school

The second edition of this popular student textbook presents an up-to-date and comprehensive introduction to the process and practice of teaching and learning science. It takes into account changes in science education and teacher education since the first edition was published.

This new edition has been extensively revised with emphasis on recent National Curriculum assessment and curriculum changes in England and Wales. Five new sections, which map key ideas in biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy, the Earth sciences and the nature of science, address the demands made on science teachers to teach across the sciences and about science.

There is new material on personal development and learning to work in a team, and on the legal responsibility of science teachers in the laboratory or out in the field. This edition also provides sound, informative and useful discussion on: Managing professional development; Planning for learning and teaching in science; Practical teaching strategies; Selecting and using resources including language and ICT; Assessment and examination; The broader science curriculum, including Citizenship, Sex and Health Education.

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Author(s)Jenny Frost, Bernadette Youens, Ian Longman, Michael Reiss, Katherine Little, Tony Turner, Ralph Levinson, Pete Sorensen, Christine Harrison, Alastair Cuthbertson, Jane Maloney
Age11-14, 14-16
Published by
Shelf referenceA 507.12 FRO
Direct URLhttps://www.stem.org.uk/x852n

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