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The Ultimate STEM Challenge: turning crazy ideas into technical experiments

Published: Nov 16, 2018 2 min read

STEM learning

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Students from Toot Hill School in Birmingham tell us about their experience of taking on the Ultimate STEM Challenge and what they have learned from it.

Jack Kellas

“I believe my Physics teacher Mr Lawrence was the person to inspire me with Physics, leading to my passion for STEM.  Before the Ultimate STEM Challenge I had a passion for maths, meaning when we were measuring the blades for our model wind turbines, I used my maths knowledge to make sure everything to do with the accuracy of the wind turbines was perfect.

My favourite thing about taking part in the Ultimate STEM Challenge, was turning my random, crazy idea, into an interesting technical scientific experiment! I have really enjoyed every part of the experience, however for me the best part of the Ultimate STEM Challenge, was collecting the results and seeing clear differences between the materials.

I have learnt to test my ideas, and even if the results are not successful, find what you have taken from the experiment.  I have developed skills in leadership, and communication, from taking part in the Ultimate STEM Challenge.  The Ultimate STEM Challenge has taught me that if you put enough time and effort into something, something good will come out of it.”

Sulaiman Raoof

“My teachers were my main inspiration to get into this challenge as they told me that it was a great way to get into a good university and kick-start a path for a good career.

Being able to have total control in what we do in the project and learning things that I would have never known if I hadn't taken part in this challenge. As well as this getting to the final and winning was also so great and awesome!

I have learnt how to present and talk about our presentation properly in front of an audience, which is a great skill to learn early on in life and extremely useful for later on in life. I have also improved my scientific knowledge about wind turbines and efficiency in general.”