Solving sustainability: can your students take on the challenge?

BP Ultimate STEM Challenge final 2016

The BP Ultimate STEM Challenge invites students to tackle real-world problems.

Themed around sustainability, this year's challenge asks students to:

  • design ways to capture biomethane from food waste
  • create an efficient way to get electricity from water
  • develop a sustainable method for growing plants indoors

Dr Ajay Sharman attended the final of the 2016 Ultimate STEM Challenge. Here’s what he had to say:

What better backdrop for the finals could you have than the Science Museum? A home for human ingenuity, iconic objects and stories of incredible scientific achievement.

Schools from Belfast to Barnet competed in the final and demonstrated fantastic solutions to real-world problems. Many of the teams worked with STEM Ambassadors, who are professionals who offer their advice to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges.

The winning team was Bredon Hill Academy, an all-girls team who were both shocked and elated to find out they were the winners.

There is an increasing emphasis on the need to encourage more young women to study STEM subjects and consider STEM careers.

Opportunities to take part in competitions like the Ultimate STEM Challenge provide a structured and coherent way of exposing young people to the exciting nature of STEM subjects. Engaging in these activities and with role models they can relate to will change behaviour and attitudes towards STEM subjects.

It was great to see a team of bright, intelligent and enthusiastic young women win the Ultimate STEM Challenge and pave the way for others and become role models themselves.

Fancy the challenge?

Our STEM Ambassadors are on-hand to support you as you tackle the Ultimate STEM Challenge. Professionals in STEM industry, they are keen to volunteer their time to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.

The closing date for applications is 12 January 2018.

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