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The science, technology and mathematics of ENTHUSE-iasm – is that you?

Published: May 2, 2016 3 min read

Yvonne Baker

Most of us have a ‘teacher story’ – the one person who inspired us to study and love a subject, and got the best out of us even if, perhaps, it wasn’t truly our strong point. Mine was my music teacher, an individual so influential that even now I can sing the whole Sound of Music lyrics from memory, word for word, even though I can’t remember what I had for breakfast! Her enthusiasm for her subject has left a lifelong imprint, not just on me but on many of my contemporaries and scores of others she taught.

So – in a world where it’s not hard to find a ‘scare story’ about education - shouldn’t we be making more effort to recognise and reward those many thousands and thousands of teachers who remain completely committed to their students and their subject, whatever the outside pressures? 

That’s exactly what the ENTHUSE Celebration Awards are there to do, and already I cannot wait for this year’s ceremony – a sparkling, fun evening to be held in London on 5 July 2016. For me, it is a highlight of my professional year – a chance to say thank you to just some of the many teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics who make a difference to young people’s lives all over the UK. Anyone who has engaged with ENTHUSE-supported professional development – at the National STEM Learning Centre at York, through the National STEM Learning Network or working with partners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – is eligible to apply, so why not get your entry in now?

Project ENTHUSE is unique in that – not only is it backed by the Government, the Wellcome Trust and some of the biggest names in UK industry and professional bodies – it has an unrivalled body of evidence demonstrating the positive impacts that it has on teachers, schools/colleges and, most importantly, the young people they teach. ENTHUSE is committed to ensuring that no teacher, lab technician or other educator should go without the career-long subject-specific professional development they deserve, by providing subsidised support and bursaries towards the costs of getting involved.

So what is there not to love? World-leading subject-specific professional development, proven impacts on educators and young people, and a chance for you and your school/college to be recognised and celebrated on a memorable July evening in front of other educators, supporters of ENTHUSE and people who care passionately about STEM education.

Sign up to the awards yourself or if you know someone or an organisation that has done exceptional work to impact students, you can nominate them in the application form.

I hope to see you there. 

Deadlines close 27 May 2016.