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Our STEM inspiration: to positively impact our community

Published: Oct 29, 2018 2 min read

STEM learning

WebAppUK STEM Ambassadors working with young people

Web Applications UK tell us about how they want to encourage young people to be more involved in STEM subjects and how excited they are to be shortlisted for the STEM Inspiration Awards 2018.

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the STEM Employer Award – Small/Medium Enterprises for STEM Learning UK. In our excitement, we have posted a blog about it on our website!

This award “aims to reward outstanding commitment to the STEM agenda, and how this is embedded within the culture of the organisation”, so it’s an honour to be considered.

At Web Apps, our ethos is at the centre of everything we do! We are well known for our culture of learning, growth and innovation, and positively impacting those around us.

We strongly believe that STEM subjects are integral for the future of the tech industry, so encouraging others to get involved is like second nature to us. This year alone Web Apps have teamed up with Girl Geeks and Hac100, mentoring and judging at local hackathons. Whether it’s running the WebbieZone at Hack Oldham, mentoring young people, or attending events and lectures to enlighten people on the career opportunities in our sector, you can see that these Webbies are passionate about basically anything to do with STEM!

Promoting computing skills in the next generation is important to us all. Not only will it help the UK’s technology industry and economy grow but improve employment rates of our young people too. Coding is becoming an essential skill in this increasingly digital age, we need our children to be as proficient in creating technology as they are at using it, and we are delighted to be a part of it.

Because of the above, we ensure all our software engineers are STEM Ambassadors - they volunteer their time and enthusiasm, thus helping bring STEM subjects to life. They continuously show the value of these skills in life and highlight the opportunities of future careers.

We’ll be travelling down to The House of Lords on Thursday 1 November. We’re looking forward to celebrating with all shortlist/finalist on the day.

Fingers crossed!