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STEM Exploration Grants available for UK schools

Published: Mar 19, 2019 2 min read



The STEM Clubs Programme is offering new STEM Exploration Grants, now available to all UK schools and colleges. The £250 grants have been created to help schools enrich student learning and enhance both enjoyment and participation in the STEM subjects via extra-curricular STEM Clubs.

The purpose of the grant is to assist schools and colleges to cultivate a sustainable STEM-led idea, project or activity in collaboration with a STEM partner such as a STEM Ambassador. Over the coming summer and autumn term, the school and STEM partner will work together to develop an idea into a suitable proposal that can be entered into the February 2020 application round of the Royal Society Partnership Grant Awards (worth up to £3,000).

The STEM Exploration Grant allows schools and colleges to work up one of their ideas. The idea should focus on allowing students to explore STEM subjects through scientific investigation and actively encourage their confidence and enjoyment in STEM learning. The grant can support schools and colleges to look at ways to expand STEM activities in a realistic and effective manner with a view to sustaining provision over the long term and not just addressing an immediate need. The grant can be used in whatever way most needed, trialing equipment, student recognition, supporting idea development, Club leaders undertaking CPD, etc. The project idea or activity can be almost anything, so long as it involves STEM subjects, science investigation and is for students aged between 5 and 18.

The STEM Clubs Programme is looking to award 45 STEM Exploration Grants of £250 to non-fee paying schools and colleges across the UK. Successful applicants will be supported by the network of STEM Ambassadors and STEM Ambassadors Hubs. Further information and an application form can be requested by emailing: STEMclubs@stem.org.uk or by downloading from the free to join STEM Clubs Discussion Group, simply register with STEM Learning if you have not already done so. Applications close 30 April, 2019.