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The importance of careers education in schools

Published: May 25, 2016 1 min read

STEM learning

“Careers education given to secondary school students can be linked to higher earnings in adult life.”

This research has been published in the Journal of Education and Work and was mentioned in BBC news last week.

Careers talks and lessons, including outside speakers, have been seen to indicate a long lasting employment impact, reinforcing the importance of careers awareness in schools.

The research concludes that being taught about career opportunities in school, as well as meeting employers, had a “meaningful and statistically significant impact on later earnings”.

How to bring high-quality careers information into your classroom

STEM Learning, have developed a STEM careers toolkit, suitable for use in primary, secondary and post-16 schools and colleges. This accessible guide provides information on government policy, careers education and good practice tips.

Our STEM Insight programme offers the chance for teachers to spend a week or two on a placement, either at a university or industry. This placement allows long-term relationships to be formed with industries and universities, as well as helping to enrich the teaching and learning of STEM subjects.