STEM Insight

A unique opportunity to experience deeply valuable CPD for staff in schools and colleges. Step inside a leading UK STEM organisation or university and take away a wealth of knowledge for you, your students and your school or college. Use STEM insight to transform understanding of STEM careers and enrich the teaching of STEM subjects with real life context.

  • teachers

    Transform your careers knowledge for you, your students and your school or college and enrich your teaching of STEM subjects.

  • employers

    Host a STEM Insight placement and influence the transformation of STEM careers and how it can benefit your organisation.

  • universities

    Be a part of STEM Insight and inspire teachers to understand the next steps in their students learning and career direction.

“It inspired me to go beyond my own expectations and achieve results which quite frankly have astounded me."
Rose Russell, STEM Insight participant



STEM Insight stories

Making a difference and inspiring the future generation

My main goal within my role as STEM Coordinator at the Ursuline Academy Ilford is to encourage our student’s aspirations by mentoring, supporting and ensuring young people from all year groups have access to high-quality STEM information.We have introduced them to role models as a way to inspire and enable them to make informed decisions about their future...

Bringing industrial careers into the classroom: Alice Kupara shares her experiences

Written by: Alice Kupara, STEM Insight participant and teacher at Thomas Deacon AcademyThe school I work at, the Thomas Deacon Academy, specialises in STEM subjects and we are at a centre of excellence for the development and delivery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities.We are always looking to develop the confidence, knowledge...

Discover what a placement with Caterpillar could hold

Back in July 2016, for the first time ever, three teachers embarked on a STEM Insight placement with Caterpillar. Caterpillar designs, develops, engineers, manufactures and sells a vast range of machinery and engines to people all around the world. The STEM Insight programme provided these teachers with the unique opportunity to gain a real insight into...

Why STEM Insight?

Studies have shown that teachers are one of the most important influences on a students’ career choice, but 82% of teachers think they are lacking the necessary knowledge to properly advise young people. STEM Insight was created to ensure that teachers and other staff in schools are better equipped to guide their students.