STEM Insight

A unique opportunity to experience deeply valuable CPD for staff in schools and colleges. Step inside a leading UK STEM organisation or university and take away a wealth of knowledge for you, your students and your school or college. Use STEM insight to transform understanding of STEM careers and enrich the teaching of STEM subjects with real life context.

  • teachers

    Transform your careers knowledge for you, your students and your school or college and enrich your teaching of STEM subjects.

  • employers

    Host a STEM Insight placement and influence the transformation of STEM careers and how it can benefit your organisation.

  • universities

    Be a part of STEM Insight and inspire teachers to understand the next steps in their students learning and career direction.

“It inspired me to go beyond my own expectations and achieve results which quite frankly have astounded me."
Rose Russell, STEM Insight participant



STEM Insight stories

From industry to award ceremony: my STEM Insight journey

The organisation I work for actively encourages staff to participate in various CPD as it directly benefits staff and learners by introducing new ideas and innovation.This is done both informally and formally using training days and departmental meetings. When I approached my line manger about the STEM Insight programme and the possibility of spending a...

The power of immersive STEM

Even though I’m already very enthusiastic about STEM, my STEM Insight placement with Crossrail was an amazing experience for me; it really broadened my horizons.I met so many different employees - project managers, programme managers, data handlers, for example, who had first degrees in engineering and other STEM subjects. They were living proof that...

Senior Leaders' research and insight

Hi all,

We are currently working on some documentation for Senior Leaders as part of our STEM Insight programme. We would really appreciate any support and insight you could offer us with this.

We need your help with getting a real insight into Senior Leadership, what their priorities are ...


Why STEM Insight?

Studies have shown that teachers are one of the most important influences on a students’ career choice, but 82% of teachers think they are lacking the necessary knowledge to properly advise young people. STEM Insight was created to ensure that teachers and other staff in schools are better equipped to guide their students.