Get to grips with the quantitative demands of your subject

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) is running an exciting new conference designed to help teachers get to grips with the quantitative demands of their subjects. Delivered in collaboration with the Royal Geographical Society, 'Improving Quantitative Skills at A level' is a one-day professional development conference which focuses on developing mathematical confidence in geography, psychology and biology teachers.

The conference aims to provide teachers with strategies and ideas to use in their classrooms to deepen their students’ quantitative understanding. There will be separate workshops in the afternoon focusing specifically on the requirements of individual subjects. The conference will also look at the merits of offering Core Maths, an increasingly popular level 3 maths qualification that focuses on preparing students for using mathematical skills in their day-to-day lives.

'Improving Quantitative Skills at A level' takes place on Saturday 9 February in London, meaning teachers don’t need to take any time out of the classroom to attend. The conference is free of charge to state-funded schools and colleges in England. Teachers working in AMSP Priority Areas qualify for a £250 subsidy in addition to their course fee requirements.

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