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50+ STEM activities for any classroom

Published: Sep 28, 2020 2 min read

STEM learning

We have created an amazing list of 50+ STEM activities for schools, allowing primary and secondary children the chance to participate with very little equipment. 


All activities can be easily carried out by any member of staff, families, Club leaders and STEM Ambassadors and in any classroom or home setting, irrespective of STEM subject experience or knowledge. They help to broaden the reach of science, technology, engineering and maths activities; supporting and enriching the curriculum, and increasing enjoyment for everyone involved.

Many of these activities are selected from our existing STEM Clubs activities and can be done without any equipment at all. The interactive resources are free to download and each one can be easily amended to suit the environment, time and equipment available. Using ingenuity and creativity they can be adapted to suit all needs, for example replace K’Nex with straws, glue, elastic bands or marshmallows! 

Primary topics

Think about designing a moon rover, how to colonise the moon or even how to launch a rocket mouse. Test the theory of flight with paper aeroplanes and helicopters. Consider how birds migrate, does size and weight make a difference? 
What about testing the strength of friction or discovering how static electricity can move objects. Take a nature walk and observe the word to create a STEM poem. Design an outfit from reusable materials and discover how forced perspective works. 

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Secondary topics

Design a mobile phone app, consider what you want it to do and what it will look like? Build your own telescope and create an apocalyptic meal or make sneaky shoe covers to slip past local zombies. Plan for the future and live smarter, reduce water usage and fight global hunger. Plan a micro flat and a futuristic space saver kitchen. Design a bionic hand and consider if humans should be enhanced. Test emotional reactions and trick the mind with the power of music. Investigate the success rate of vaccines and how viruses spread. 

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We’d love to hear about the activities you have tried and any adjustments you have made, and what works well in your settings with your students - Join the STEM Clubs community here.