Y5 & Y6 Maths Enrichment Workshop: Endless Possibilities with Squares (2.5 hours)


This practical workshop for Y5 and 6 pupils will enrich their knowledge of multiplication and square numbers and provide activities which will lead the pupils to 'discover' the meaning of Pythagorus' Theorum from a conceptual point of view.

Pupils will investigate properties of square numbers and how they are related to one another. They will be asked to spot relationships, identify generalisations, attempt to represent these generalisations in different ways and explore new ideas using the generalisations.

Pupils will be actively engaged throughout the session by doing and discussing along with the session lead.

Expected outcomes

Pupils will enrich their understanding of multiplication and square numbers.

Pupils will explore using practical materials and choose their own methods of recording and communication their findings.

Pupils will be led to discover the meaning of Pythagorus' Theorem by exploring relationships between square numbers.

To book this activity, please contact:
Laurie Jacques

Cannongate Road
CT21 5PX
United Kingdom

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