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This Space themed workshop allows teams of pupils to represent rival nations in a race to reach and explore Mars safely.  With bold claims being made by SpaceX and Mars One, both putting real life pressure on the world’s recognised space agencies – the context has never been more relevant to students.

Our carefully structured range of science experiments, engineering tasks and problem-solving challenges are bound together by an adrenalin filled storyline that makes for an unforgettable learning experience for participants.

The standard day includes hands-on practical challenges for every participant in Chemistry, Biology, Physics & Engineering and Mathematics.

Students will compete in:

  • Investigating Micro Chemistry REDOX Reactions
  • Designing, Funding & Testing Prototype Designs
  • Emergency Blood Transfusions
  • Mars Explorers

The event is delivered as a game-like competition, in which teams of students compete against one another to have the technology, skills and knowledge to successfully land on, explore and colonise the alien planet.

Delivered by a team of highly experienced STEM teachers and learning assistants - the event runs seamlessly from one activity to the next – ensuring pupils are always engaged and time is effectively used with high relevancy to the curriculum.   The workshop is adapted to best challenge pupils considering their age and ability.

Types of Workshop:

  • 1-Day Workshop Mixed Ability Groups.
  • 1-Day Specialist Workshop for Gifted, Able & Talented Pupils.
  • 2-5 Day G&T or Mixed Ability Holiday and Summer School
  • Spectacular Saturday STEM Club

Maximum number of participants: 36

Additional Activities in 2-5 Day Programmes:

Rockets • Robotics • Electronics • ELISA • Mars Sand Investigation • Wind & Solar Power • Fuel Cell Technology • Nanotechnology • Mars Base Design • Mars Explorer Race

Additional Benefits:

Experienced Teacher Presenters:  For any workshop to be successful, students need to be fully engaged and excited by their learning.  The pace, content, relevancy, challenge level, presentation style and classroom management all needs to be carefully delivered and go beyond the classroom experience.  This is our specialist area - and we have the time and resources to continually develop.  It is one of the reasons every hosting schools has recommended our workshops since our launch in 2001.

Assessment Aids:  A skill development map is included for every activity, listing the STEM skills explored.  Plus, group and individual performance reports can be provided at the end of the workshop, helping staff with assessment and student development.

Celebrations of Achievement:  Certificates, medals and prizes are awarded after the workshop.  They all help to promote STEM and foster enthusiasm for the subjects.

Risk-Free Reservations:   Simply request your preferred date(s) and we can send you marketing materials to promote your workshop to students and parents.  If after 21 days you do not have enough students to participate and cover costs, or you do not wish to proceed you can cancel the workshop and pay nothing.  

Expected outcomes

In addition to reinforcing core scientific concepts and exploring where the curriculum can lead, the programme is designed to develop and demonstrate:

  • Creative thinking skills in STEM
  • Communication & Enquiry Skills
  • Leadership & teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpreting Numerical Information
  • Evaluating & Judging

Please contact us for a detailed breakdown of the skills and concepts explored.

To book this activity, please contact:
Matt Hackett
01603 520866

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