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STEAM workshops and school speakers for primary and secondary schools. Delivered by a qualified engineer and professional street-dancers. 

Covers curriculum-based topics such as coding, robotics, biology, air travel, forces and motion, electricity, energy, sustainability, solar system, Raspberry Pi and Maths. 

10 spectacular STEAM workshops for schools (below are some of our workshop - Please check our website for all workshops)

- Energy: Become eco-warriors through learning about renewable energy, sustainability, and climate change.

- Coding with Robots: Pull-on your tech-whiz caps and learn the basics of real programming through the BBC:microbit.

- Maths-in-a-Box: Engage in real-world maths with hands-on practicals and experiments (ideal for GCSE revision).   

- Forces and Motion: Boost national science curriculum delivery through building propeller cars and aircrafts.

- Biology: Become mini scientists and explore bacteria undera microscope.

- Raspberry-Pi: Become engineers for the day and build a traffic light circuit with a Raspberry-Pi.

- Solar System: Blast off to the planets, stars, and the universe through incredible space experiments.

We also deliver STEAM assemblies. Please check our website below for more details.

Expected outcomes

STEM Workshops


  • Better problem-solving skills.
  • A better understanding of the scientific method.
  • Understanding of how science is applied in the real world.
  • A good understanding and foundations of programming knowledge.
  • Ability to critically analyse and think.
  • More desire to support sustainable concepts.
  • Ability to design and analyse engineering structures 

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