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Are you running a topic on mini beasts, habitats, rain forests, animals, life cycles, pets, Africa, and are looking for something different to offer your pupils? Something inspiring, educational and fun?

Rent a Beast is passionate about educating through interaction. We bring in a huge variety of our minibeasts into your classrooms from leaf insects to tarantulas. We specialize in invertebrates and all our sessions are very interactive where each child (and teacher!) can get hands on whilst learning all about the amazing world of creepy crawlies.

Each talk fits in with the science key stages and the EYFS.

Our prices for our educational talks (Including VAT) are as follows:

        1hr - £95
        2hrs - £145
        Half a day - £200
        Full day - £290

Our educational presenters are all enhanced DBS  checked and hold appropriate insurance. We can supply you with insurance documents and risk assessments on request.

Want something different? Other packages, for fun classroom education,
all fully supported by our trained staff, include:

• RENTAL SCHEMES:  For only £15 a week, have a mini beast take a holiday
in your  classroom! We provide the animal, the enclosure, water sprayer,
care guides and a friendly zoologist a phone call away. The cost for
each additional week is just £5. Ideal for class projects, fits in with
the curriculum, no hassle of care out of term time, flexibility with the
amount of time of hire to fit in with topics. Animals available to rent
are African giant land snails, Madagascan hissing cockroaches and Giant
Borneo stick insects.

• CHICK INCUBATION HIRE:  Allow the students to witness the amazing
process of chicks hatching. We provide 7 fertile chicken eggs, an
automatic incubator and brooder set up for once the fluff bundles
arrive. We will guide you through the process and the care of the
animals. If you can not home the chicks then we can take them and ensure
they get a 5 star home. The cost is only £175 for this package.

• ECOSYSTEM RENTAL:  Have a piece of nature within the classroom,
complete with mini beasts. Prices range from £50 a week.

• EVENTS:  Have us come along to your school fayre with all our creepy
crawlies. We certainly draw a crowd as everyone gets to meet our
fabulous creatures.

If you are interested, please get in touch to book any of these exciting, interactive services and bring memorable, fun education to your students.


To book this activity, please contact:
Carrie Alcock

7 Huntley Close
ST10 1LP
United Kingdom

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