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About our planetarium system

Lab Rascals Digistar lite system uses a customized version of Digistar 6, the world’s leading digital planetarium system. The biggest and most important planetariums in the world use Digistar. Lab Rascals portable state of the art planetarium system is the only one of its kind within the north of the UK.

Lab Rascals portable system is a fully digital system which shows the planets, moons and stars in real time!

Our interactive planetarium shows are custom designed, developed and presented by our Astronomy Manager, Cosmic Carol. We don’t play videos!


Our Shows

Our 45 minute shows take place inside Lab Rascals portable planetarium. The dome can be set up in any large, indoor space with a smooth, clean floor area of 6 by 7m, a clear ceiling height of 3.5m and access to mains power. The dome accommodates up to 25 secondary or up to 35 primary-aged children plus teachers.


Our Solar System (School Years 0-8) 45 minute show.

Let us take you on a journey through our solar system. From the sun at the centre of the solar system to Pluto in the Kuiper Belt. We’ll learn a bit about each planet along the way and even visit some moons that you may not have seen before. This is a great general space show with lots of “wow” moments!


Stars  (School Years 0- 4) 40 minute show.

What are stars? How are they born? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our Stars show. We’ll look at the constellations and listen to some stories around them and fly through a nebula to look at newly forming stars. We’ll also look at our own star, the sun,  and learn how important it is to our planet, and all the other planets in our solar system. This show is particularly suited to younger children 


One Giant Leap ... (School Years 2 -8) 50 minute show.

This planetarium show will take you through the history of human spaceflight, from Neil, Buzz and Michael’s adventures to the moon, to Elon Musk’s dreams of exploring Mars. Would you like to be the first person to land on Mars?


New - Space Volcanoes (School Years 2-6) 35 minute show.

Volcanoes are one of the most impressive natural phenomena on Earth. But they’re not just found on Earth. Volcanoes are found on other planets and moons in our solar system too! This planetarium show takes you on a journey through the volcanoes of our solar system, from lava erupting volcanoes on Earth to the ice volcanoes of Pluto!


New - The Red Planet (School Years 2-6) 35 minute show.

Mars has always fascinated humans. From early observations of this red planet, predicting a world of aliens and canals, to its depiction in science fiction, to our current observations of Mars using Mars rovers. Come and explore this fascinating planet!


New - What is Light? (School Years 2-6) 50 minute show.

Discover the energy waves of light from the sun, electrical bulbs and fire. Observe rainbows, prisms, refraction, colour mixing, fireworks and photosensitive materials.


Planetarium shows can be changed throughout the day to suit the audience. Excluding What is Light?


Planetarium Prices:

Half day - £295

Full day - £525

Single show - £150

Additional session - £85

All prices exclude VAT and travel expenses.

To book this activity, please contact:
Katie Norman

Marsh Lane
DN18 5HF Barton-upon-Humber

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