The Crystal Conundrum

Liz Bailey Education

The Crystal Conundrum is an inspirational and motivating puzzle event for children, where children work together to solve a series of hand-on, interactive puzzles. The session is based on the fictional character of the King of Conundrum who has dropped his floating crystal into the water fountain and can't quite reach to get it out! During the session (one hour approximately) the children work in pairs to solve a series of logic activities, puzzles and spatial problems, earning crystals as they go.

Finally these crystals are placed into the crystal fountain enabling a large floating crystal to be rescued, thus solving ‘The Crystal Conundrum’

All puzzles encourage team work and collaborative problem solving.

There are four different versions of The Crystal Conundrum

  • Reception
  • Key Stage 1
  • Lower Key Stage 2
  • Upper Key Stage 2

Up to 45children can be accommodated in a session and schools usually get through 4 sessions in the day. All that the school needs to provide is a large indoor space such as a hall or gym.

Expected outcomes

Increased motivation for and enjoyment of maths

Development of children's reasoning and problem solving skills

Great teamwork

Increased  understanding of the range of problems and problem solving strategies solving


To book this activity, please contact:
Liz Bailey

6 Sherwood Close
Shotley Bridge
Co Durham
United Kingdom

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