Connect2Play  is a construction system comprising recyclable tubes and connectors that children can connect together to form lots of different shapes and constructions. With  our sets you can make countless things from fundamentally the same components.  You can make Dens, Forts, Boats, Cars or Anything in your imagination! Connect2Play is great for collaborative learning and play!

You can also use our Connect2Play to make numbers, letters, rectangles, squares, cubes or even circles to help with lessons!






Expected outcomes

Connect2Play is open-ended play, and ensures that children learn how things are constructed, in an open-ended manner, whilst having lots of fun! It is very good for improving cognitive skills, and above all safe to use whilst doing so.

To book this activity, please contact:
Jean Fisher-Taylor
07922 581 156

Lovap Way
Great Oakley
NN188JL Corby Northants

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