Ben Sparks - Mathematician, Musician, Speaker

Ben Sparks


Ben works part time with the Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP), based at the University of Bath, as a speaker, tutor and co-ordinator, and part time as a freelance maths enrichment speaker around the UK – including the Maths Inspiration project run by Rob Eastaway.

He regularly gives talks and workshops to schools and conferences around the country on a range of mathematical subjects. 

Visit his website for more of details of talks and workshops, but they include:

  • The Creation of Number
    (maths, murder, memes and the Mandelbrot Set)
  • The Sacred Geometry of Chance
    (poker, probability and breeding rabbits - with some singing)
  • The Windmills of Your Mind
    (spirals, circles, irrationals, complex, and a bit of a song at the end again)
  • Magical Maths
    (the maths and performance skills in magic effects)

among many others

He also regularly delivers CPD to maths and science teachers and can combine this with a visit to a school if desired.

Expected outcomes
  • Inspiring students to see the bigger pictures of mathematics
  • Awareness of where the subject goes beyond school
  • Surprising nuggets of mathematical beauty
  • Better informed choices at A-level decision time
To book this activity, please contact:
Ben Sparks

University of Bath
Claverton Down
United Kingdom

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