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EV3 Activities for the Busy Teacher

This sample of a teacher guide introduces basic robotics using Lego EV3 hardware and software – the activities are based upon a single robot model which can be constructed from the education core set.

Students learn about basic movement of the robot rover in the context of space exploration.This context emphasises the importance of accuracy and testing, as it is difficult to fix problems on distant planets. The general nature as well as the origins of robotics are covered.

A guide to the EV3 programming environment is given, with a focus on some key programming blocks. A classroom challenge is included, as are student worksheets and building instructions. Flowcharts are used to scaffold the programming processing. Students are also shown how to use the content editor that is inbuilt into the EV3 programming environment. For programming Lego EV3 software is required. This is available as a free home download, or a site license is required for use in schools.

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